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Feb 5, 2011 9:30am EST
president obama is pressing leaders to begin the transition to a new government now. the administration called today's expected meetings with opposition leaders a positive first step. also in egypt, foreign terrorists blamed for blowing up a critical gas pipeline that services jordan and syria. ed attack happened earlier in the northern town of al arish. >>> outsourcing is a cheaper option for many sources. this weekend the "your bottom line," hear how one woman says keeping hers in-house turned out to be a proper move. here's cnn's stephanie elam. >> reporter: you've ladder it, it makes you worried about america. those jobs we lost are not coming back. in their place, jobs required more education, more specialized skills and math ability. it didn't use to be so hard to find a decent job with good pay. have they really vanished? author of where have all the good jobs gone? welcome to the program. called a lost decade when you look at the quantity of jobs lost in manufacturing, housing, construction, hundreds of thousands of many time good paying jobs. are they gone f
Feb 19, 2011 9:30am EST
obama's proposals. so this is one set of ideas for how we start nibbling away at the deficit. this is by no means everything it's going to take. but you're right, many of the things we think of as things that enhance the middle class are becoming unaffordable. the pell grant cut is one indication of that. they're talking about taking away a part of it. something that affects summer school qualifications. i'm not sure it's going to happen this year. but people need to be paying attention to these ideas because this is the kind of stuff that's going to have to happen in two, three, five years. but we're going to have to get serious about cutting these things. >> low-income heating oil help, that's going to be trimmed. trimmed back to 2008 levels. >> this is another big controversy. again, this is an idea. and these are just becoming things we can't afford anymore. my guess is that will not actually end up cutting because there are a lot of senators going to bat for that and protect it. but sooner or later, we're going to have to come to terms with things we have taken for grant
Feb 26, 2011 9:30am EST
800-quicken or visit us online at >>> i reported this week that president obama wants to hire 10,000 highly qualified science and math teachers in the next year. 100,000 over the next decade. steve, kate, sara, i want you to weigh in on this response we got from a high school math teacher who recently retired after 36 years. he said in light of the public vitriol he asks, "do you actually believe that people proficient in math and science would ever think seriously about going into a classroom to instruct when they could easily pull down twice as much money for far less grief?" is this the environment to get good >> i think, again, so much of our conversations seem to assume that the only thing that's going to get and retain good teachers in the classroom are monetary compensations. and i think what teachers really need is, we need to continue to work to elevate the profession so that we get highly qualified, you know, scientists and math that titions to be in the classroom because they feel supported there, they feel like they can grow as a pprofessiona there an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3